• You know, i see alot of iphone users saying that they couldnt stand to trust a company that has to talk down on another companies product to make sales. They also say they prefer the simplicity of iphones.
  • Now if you ask literally everyone that owns a smart phone, its not the device but rather the user that makes the difference.
  • When was the last time an Android user was convinced to bend their phone or microwave it?
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this gets pretty loud be careful

I had never even considered the range of emotions these two go through in this part

my immortal now immortalized

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hit like a brick


I’ve posted this before but god, I love this comic.

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mother. friggin’. space. man.

And some people still think we’re alone here

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Trick or Treat - Miss Fortune


Trick or Treat - Miss Fortune

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Ravenborn LeBlanc  
The Black Rose shall bloom once more. - League of Legends
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Stunning clay deer sculptures from the talented Ellen June of Deviantart.

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Neon blue lava pours from Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen Volcano. The reason it’s blue is because the mountain contains large amounts of pure sulfur, which emits an icy violet colors as it turns. It turns the rocky slopes into a hot, toxic environment. (Article) 

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